Cooperativity in Highly Excited Rydberg
Ensembles — Control and Entanglement
Lecture series II. of visiting scientist
Prof. Chris Greene
July 09 - 11, 2014
Zentrum für Optische Quantentechnologien ZOQ, Seminar room, Building 90, Luruper Chaussee 149, Hamburg, Germany

Professor Chris Greene (Purdue University, USA) theoretical research covers much of atomic, molecular, and optical physics, notably few-body processes in ultracold gases, dissociative recombination in electron collisions with molecular ions, photon-atom and photon-molecule interactions, and molecular Rydberg state behavior. In July 2014, Professor Greene visited the University of Heidelberg and University of Hamburg, where he presented 3 lectures over three days, with focus on:

Basic theory of low energy collisions and spectra and Strongly coupled degrees of freedom.

Full lecture notes and audio recordings of the lectures have been made available on the internal pages of the network.