Cooperativity in Highly Excited Rydberg
Ensembles — Control and Entanglement
ITN-COHERENCE Event in Granada
COHERENCE Young Excited Atomix 3, Idea Factory 2 and Workshop
"Ultracold Rydberg Physics"

September 8 to 9, 2014 (YEA and IF)
September 10 to 12, 2014 (Workshop)
Carmen de la Victoria and Escuela de Estudios Arabes, University of Granada, Granada, Spain

YEA meeting and Idea Factory and COHERENCE Workshop on Ultracold Rydberg Physics

32 young researchers participated in the YEA meeting. Contributions of young postdocs enabled the PhD-students to get easier into the more sophisticated concepts that were going to be addressed in the upcoming workshop. Participation of external young researchers enhanced the dynamic cooperativity of the network. Presentations covered different topics, such as spectroscopic studies of ultralong range molecules, physics of phase transitions, modeling of energy transport in photosynthetic complexes; domains wherein the properties of Rydberg systems appeared as the key element accounting for the main mechanisms that are necessary to describe those phenomena. Some of the talks showed results that were or were going to be published in peer reviewed journals; this proofs the successful progress of the young researchers‘ performance. The second COHERENCE Ideas Factory, as a part of YEA meeting, was leaded by two COHERENCE researchers/partners gave an unique opportunity to develop soft-skills, particularly in writing communication and in transferring of research concepts into marketing and advertising.

70 researchers joined the Workshop on Ultracold Rydberg Physics. 8 invited speakers (coming from EU, USA, Japan, Taiwan) enhanced the scope of topics showing the versatility of use of highly excited Rydberg atoms, as e.g. how they can well serve to understand the behaviour of complex systems, or to test fundamental principles of the quantum theory as well as to design promising quantum telecommunication and cryptographic protocols. 18 invited COHERENCE speakers referred about the latest research progress of their teams. 2 posters sessions gave an ample time for specific scientific discussions in the community of young and senior researchers.

Workshop Program and Book of Abstracts