Cooperativity in Highly Excited Rydberg
Ensembles — Control and Entanglement
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Excitation dynamics of one-dimensional Rydberg latticesOctober 2012
Hamburg, Germany

We focus on the excitation dynamics of a one-dimensional lattice of Rydberg atoms. Such systems possess various well-controlled parameters, e.g. lattice size, laser detuning and Rydberg interaction strength, which endows Rydberg system with prospective quantum applications.

Above left: visualizes the ordered propagation pattern of the excitation among the lattice. Above right: illustrates the dependence of the total excitation on the Rydberg interaction strength.

Excitation of single Rydberg atoms in a new apparatusOctober 2012
Palaiseau, France

We have built a new experimental setup (below, left) dedicated to the trapping and Rydberg excitation of single atoms in an array of micron-sized optical tweezers. Our ability to cancel stray electric fields using eight independent electrodes around the traps has allowed us to obtain high-quality Rabi oscillations between the ground and Rydberg states of a single atom (below, right).

As a first step towards the entanglement of several atoms, we have observed the first signature of Rydberg blockade between two atoms in the new setup (right). When shining excitation lasers on two atoms separated by a small distance, such that they interact strongly, we observe a very strong reduction of the probability to excite both atoms to the Rydberg state (black dots), while the probability to excite only one of the two atoms (blue triangles) oscillates √2 times as fast as in the case of only one atom (orange diamonds).

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